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Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Color Trends

Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Color Trends

Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Color Trends

While I love to be “behind the scenes” of fashion, I also love being in the forefront, and being briefed on Spring/Summer 2014 color trends today put me front and center of what’s coming next!

Thanks to a trend specialist from Stylesight, I was presented with the four (4) mega trends entitled
1)      Rational
2)      Creed
3)      Eden, and
4)      Real
 *Please keep in mind that the trend descriptions below incorporate such descriptions as provided by Stylesight and are not my attempt to claim any authority as a color trend expert – I’m just sharing the information as I know some of you readers want to know about this!

The “Rational” trend (which is actually written differently, however so as to not confuse anyone, I’ve typed it “normally” here) is about colors reflecting mineral elements and feminine minimalism that is soft - not aggressive. 

It’s about symmetrical proportion, “curvilinear” forms and creating textures, whether by using folding and pleating techniques to create light structures, or beading and embroidery.

Triangular silhouettes, repetitive geometric motifs and liquid gold and mercury colored metallics woven into fabrics are also a part of the Rational trend.

Lastly, grids and graph paper are translating to apparel within this trend.

The “Real” trend is about a look and feel of the past, altering our notion of time using filters to create an earthy palette.  Taking cues from the 1970s, head-to-toe denim (i.e., tops and pants) and even Hawaiian shirts are making a come back because it’s a return to authenticity - yes, I'm serious!

Colors in yellow, brown and rust make up this trend, as does wood and the knots and grains therein which will inspire prints in fabric.  Tortoise shell printed on material will have a comeback, with eyelet fabrics and products from recycled materials also being a trend for 2014.

The “Creed” trend looks at space and sea and thus, colors that come from the ocean and sky are what this trend is about.  These include indigo, sky, water blue, teal highlighted by bright yellow and coral colors, as well as white, whether it’s got a powdery, chalky or cracking look.  The image of a blue sky with clouds also inspires tie-dye techniques.

The use of mystical symbols, ultra sheer gauze and fabrics with beads give apparel textures.  Multiple layers of thin fabrics (again texture) as well as jersey fabrics which allow for tight body hugging designs round out this trend.

Lastly, the trend “Eden” is about embracing expression and is inspired by Central and South America.  Red, orange and fuchsia blending with acid yellow and greens along with clashing embroidery colors mark this trend. 

Graffiti art, tribal motifs, jacquards made of “ethnic references” – not sure what that means - patches, pins and colored warp to create an “eye game” are also prevalent in this trend.

In addition, woven checkers and plaids which are multi-colored, ruffles used in a grand scale and animal prints worn “to the max” make up this trend.

I wish I had images for you but since they are proprietary to Stylesight, it’s best I simply refer you to their website where you can check out their “Runway Roadmap” from Spring/Summer 2014 at

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